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About Us

About API Tablet Press

We provide equipment, resources, and share our knowledge to give our customers an easy, well-organized, efficient experience when it comes to tablet production.

We source the best excipients and machinery from across the world, inspecting every item, ensuring the best quality products with no compromises for our customers. We research the products so our customers no longer need to, letting you focus on a quality end product.

We are a UK based global solution, providing services around the world. Our customers are individuals, small, medium and large-scale organizations that are innovative, intelligent and creative, having a passion to manufacture their own unique branded supplements. Our leading team ensures an efficient service for all our customers to help make this possible no matter what your level of experience or the size of your business.

Our passion for this market is reflected by the excellent customer service we provide, our products and our strong relationships with industries across the world. Our desire and passion are what sets us apart because we are not here to increase sales we are here to make a difference. We will not stop at offering our service at the purchase point but will continue to deliver our services with ongoing support and even offer support to help launch your brand and/or products.

API Tablet Press brings with it years of experience, strategies, and techniques to minimise waste of important time, resources and materials, providing a reliable model that is scalable, can meet high demand and have an effective output process that can be adopted for maximum efficiency.

We want to play an important role in our customer's journey, from the initial concept to the finished product, whether it is for personal use or for your millions of customers, for us the journey is the same.

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